…but the more I learn of the discoveries that man has made, especially with respect to our universe, the more I believe  that the old religions are seriously obsolete.  They have been stagnant for over 2,000 years and can never match current discoveries.  No matter how many times I’ve heard christians try to adapt their […]

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Just curious… do Christians still believe in the literal interpretation of the garden of Eden?

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Wait a minute… With all the discoveries that have been made by man since Zeus’ reign; doesn’t the burden of proof rest with the religious? Why am I as an atheist reading their holy books over and over trying to ‘disprove’ their inconsistent text, which by their own admission can only…

Going through life sober is a hard thing to do, so I finally understand why most people need religion in their lives to help and guide them through the journey.  To provide hope and a moral framework in which to live by. And since we’re such social creatures, it is no surprise to me that […]

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Someone sent me a link to this Facebook page…. I don’t believe in therapists if you put a – in between the e & the r you get exactly what I think of them. The-Rapist…….. Of the mind. If somebody hasn’t lived through what I’ve been through they have no place…

…humanism loading!

I’d so much like to hear from ‘main stream‘ religious observers; Christians, Jews and Muslims if they think Scientology is a credible region? I already have an idea what atheists think 😀

… can be whatever you want them to be. Yours faithfully, Spiritual husband God Holy spirit Hope Jihadist PS: accept those voices, dreams and ‘visions’ for what they are – YOU!

Dude, why are you letting your various subjects in all the different faiths fight over who is right and has ownership of you? Oh, by the way, could you tell me if there’s an after afterlife?